Vizagapatam and Zanzibar

A collaboration with the Peabody Essex Museum and Meredith Monk.
Video by Naomi Yang
Lighting design by Susanne Sasic

Gary Graham Spring 2015 Embroidered Tie Dress

Gary Graham Spring 2015 Embroidered Tie Dress in Rachel Feinstein's story "What a Relief", featured in the December 2014/ January 2015 issue of Harper's Bazaar.

"The Conversation" at The Peabody Essex Museum

On November 8th, I presented an installation at The Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts that I collaborated on with Meredith Monk, called The Conversation. I was inspired by two pieces from PEM's collection: the Vizagapatam chair and the Zanzibar throne.

I worked with John Daina-Palmero and textile designer Gina Gregorio on reproducing the motifs into the pattern pieces. The Vizagapatam dress turned out to be 18 yards long when it was printed.


Meredith chose pieces from her work Volcano Songs, 1993 and two pieces from Songs from the Hill, 1977.

The mannequins had speakers as heads and were facing each other as if they were singing to one another.


Detail of Zanzibar coat:

Detail of Vizagapatam dress:

Video will soon follow.


American Folk Art Museum "Folk Couture" Ensemble

Gary, along with other chosen designers, was approached by the American Folk Art Museum to participate in their "Folk Couture" exhibition. For this show, the museum allowed the designers to look through their archives and gather inspiration for an ensemble.

The piece Gary chose to design his outfit around was the cotton and wool Ann Carll Coverlet from 1810: "Blazing Star and Snowballs". He created a custom jacquard based off of this.

The jacquard in process:

The final ensemble:

The exhibit is soon to be touring the country; we will keep you posted on the dates and locations.

Molly Drake


This collaborative video came to light when Gary's friend/musician Naomi Yang played a Molly Drake song for him. (Molly Drake is musician Nick Drake's mother.)

Gary had been thinking about "hope" as the last evil in Pandora's Box and it inspired them to do this piece together.

He created the cut-outs and collages by using the artwork and source material for the Gary Graham Fall 2014 Collection. All are of Middle Eastern motifs that he discovered while working with the Metropolitan Museum of Art's textile curators.

In the end, Gary received approval from the Drake Foundation to use the Molly Drake song, and was also fortunate enough to work with rock lighting designer Susanne Sasic.