Louise Despont X Gary Graham

Louise Despont X Gary Graham, a limited edition capsule collection based on Despont’s “Diamond Stepwell,” will be available in Tribeca May 24, 2017. Graham discovered Despont’s work at the Drawing Center in Spring 2016. Mutual admiration connected them on Instagram and the two decided to collaborate.

Louise Despont, an artist known for using compasses, stencils and rulers, draws complex and meditative abstractions with colored pencils and graphite. Through successive layers of mark making and erasure on antique ledger paper, Despont opens a space that is both ancient and contemporary. These delicately rendered geometries radiate a sense of mysterious metaphysical import akin to that found in the works of early 20th Century spiritualist artists like Augustin Lesage and Emma Kunz. 

Louise Despont splits her time in Bali and NYC. Her work has been shown in venues internationally including The Drawing Center, Pioneer Works, the Petite Palais in Paris, IMO in Copenhagen and Ibid in London. Public collections of her work include the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the RISD Museum. Despont is represented by Nicelle Beauchene Gallery in NYC.

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Kabinett & Kammer AT Gary Graham

The worlds of Sean Scherer and Gary Graham come together in a collaboration that joins fashion, art, artifacts and art history.

Scherer, an artist and professor of art history, gives his passion material form in Kabinett & Kammer, a successful design and antiques business located in Andes, NY.

Scherer will create a shop within the Graham atelier where antique maps, porcelain, and other period objects will intersect with Graham's fabrics allowing people to read the present right back to its inspiration in the past. 

Read more about the collaboration in reviews and interviews by Vogue, New York Magazine and The Shopkeepers

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Kara Walker in Gary Graham

Kara Walker, photographed by Ari Marcopoulos, wearing the Lace and Wool Pullover, Palacetor Tee Shirt and Leather Leggings from Fall 2016 in New York Magazine's Art & Design issue. In the article, written by Doreen St. Felix, Kara Walker discusses her next project: how to solve the problem of politics in art.

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Fall 2016 Palacetor Film


With the store as backdrop, Graham digitally captured seven small abstract tableaus for his Fall 2016 Collection. Installations as sets, forcing the authentic and the fake; juxtaposing the real and the non-real; bringing together his collection as a medium for powerful, remarkable improvisational performances by some of his celebrity followers, including:

Musician, Jennifer Nettles, as the shepherdess. She interconnects people with the land as a guide and interlocutor. She is friendly with all humans and the non-human world. She blurs the nature/culture divide.

Artist, Kara Walker is the general historian steering through a mountainous future. She is tactically intellectual, burdened with commanding coldness, yet exploding with emotional anger at the lethargy of the un-evolved world. 

Actress, Parker Posey as the Magician of glamour; also very emotional, irresponsible, compulsive, unpredictable; she creates an environment to allow for Drala, of Tibetan folklore. 

Actress/writer, Gina Gershon is the Clairvoyant, all seeing of past, present and future. Glamour is her tool, a ruse directed toward the seeker and the general, manipulating them for her own concerns of discord. Her voice in discord. 

Performance artist, Alexandra Marzella is the Poet. She writes wild, romantic verse, viewing the world through her rebellious lens. She is stimulating seducer of ideas, complexly emotional, confusing and liberating all at once. 

Musician, Naomi Yang is a Scribe, recording and documenting as observer. She empathetically finds truth, strategically bonding with the General and Seeker, who rely on her infallible perspectives. She makes statistical order out of chaos.

Actress, Sunrise Ruffalo is the seeker. She is the future and is peaceful, non-aggressive, and is regally at one with her environment. 

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