Fall 2016 Palacetor Film

Surrounding himself with contemporary artists, designers, writers, photographers, actresses and musicians, Graham is refreshing his world. With his trans-disciplinary staff and colleagues, Graham has created a series of events from his imaginary world inspiring the Fall 2016 Collection - but Discordia is his Conceit, the Greek goddess of chaos, strife and discord, demanding the decay of the archetype. 

With the store as backdrop, Graham digitally captured seven small abstract tableaus for his Fall 2016 Collection; installations as sets, forcing the authentic and the fake; juxtaposing plastic and natural, the real and the non-real; bringing together his collection as a medium for powerful, remarkable improvisational performances by some of his celebrity followers, including:

Musician, Jennifer Nettles, as the shepherdess. She interconnects people with the land as a guide and interlocutor. She is friendly with all humans and the non-human world. She blurs the nature/culture divide.

Artist, Kara Walker is the general historian steering through a mountainous future. She is tactically intellectual, burdened with commanding coldness, yet exploding with emotional anger at the lethargy of the un-evolved world. 

Actress, Parker Posey as the Magician of glamour; also very emotional, irresponsible, compulsive, unpredictable; she creates an environment to allow for Drala, of Tibetan folklore. 

Actress and writer, Gina Gershon is the Clairvoyant, all seeing of past, present and future. Glamour is her tool, a ruse directed toward the seeker and the general, manipulating them for her own concerns of discord. Her voice in discord. 

Performance artist, Alexandra Marzella is the Poet. She writes wild, romantic verse, viewing the world through her rebellious lens. She is stimulating seducer of ideas, complexly emotional, confusing and liberating all at once. 

Musician, Naomi Yang is a Scribe, recording and documenting as observer. She empathetically finds truth, strategically bonding with the General and Seeker, who rely on her infallible perspectives. She makes statistical order out of chaos.

Actress, Sunrise Ruffalo is the seeker. She is the future and is peaceful, non-aggressive, and is regally at one with her environment. 

This new world created is layered with the supporting elements of the incorporated textiles inspired from decorative and applied arts, architecture and craft. Graham's discordia jacquards in cotton and wool or silk and rayon are taken from 'Hanging with Triumphal Arch,' an early seventeenth century wall hanging originally produced in India for the Portuguese market, now in The Elizabeth Gardner Museum in Boston. There is faded embroidery produced in silk georgette, silk chiffon and silk organza that was inspired by worn away embroidered elements found on an eighteenth century French priest's stole. Also, a reverse brocade digitally printed on silks organza, silk georgette, cotton twill and cotton stretch twill that stems from the back of a pair of nineteenth century English parlor drapes. Goat hair can be found here and there as a reference to witchcraft, and the early twentieth century English magician, occultist, and famous bi-sexual, Aleister Crowley. Accents of Scottish plaid originally handcrafted in Italy. An embroidered linen jacquard with a motif inspired by embroidery from an eighteenth century Crete skirt. All layering in his usual stratums, Graham unearths a rich palette of white, black and earth tones.



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